The future of healthcare is digital - the goal is a seamless and accessible healthcare service pathway

It’s no wonder that the future of the healthcare industry is being shaped by digitalization. The digital leap is streamlining our everyday lives and access to services, improving information flow, and creating new business opportunities.

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At their best, innovative digital services are a clear part of a healthcare pathway. They streamline healthcare, help communicate brand values, provide a seamless patient experience and data security for patient data, and eliminate the potential for error.

Tietotalo is the leading expert in healthcare services. Our experts help to build online appointment booking systems, remote appointment systems, and various mobile applications, among other forms of digital services.

Digital transformation

Remote appointments

Appointment booking systems

Smart Integrations

AI / Big Data

Customer- and business-led development

Digital service development must be led by a company’s customer and business goals. Creating a digital vision and roadmap to achieve the goals will ensure that development proceeds in a planned and steady manner.

In a world where digitalization is playing an ever-larger role, everything should work well together: when planning, it is worth considering how systems can maximize business benefits and whether digital solutions can generate new business opportunities.

Digital healthcare pioneers join forces

Pioneers of digital healthcare, BGO Software, and Tietotalo, have entered into a cooperation agreement to provide increasingly advanced technology solutions to healthcare providers in the Nordic countries. The collaboration aims to lead the way in the digital revolution in healthcare and provide customer companies with the opportunity to gain a substantial competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

BGO Software is a leading provider of digital health services and solutions in Europe. It is also a long-term partner of several large pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and HealthTech players, and its customers include several Fortune 100 companies. Tietotalo has a thorough understanding of Nordic healthcare’s unique aspects, which has helped accelerate Terveystalo's growth as a digital healthcare service leader in Finland. By joining forces, your company can help meet diverse healthcare companies’ aspirations and pave the way for their digital transformations.

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  • Innovative digital healthcare services
  • Digitization of treatment pathways
  • Healthcare services include web and mobile applications and integrations

Security is the be-all and end-all

Taking care of healthcare information security is extremely important. For ten years, Tietotalo has been providing cybersecurity solutions to millions of users. Our systems are secured by information security best practices, continuous testing and external auditing. Ultimately, patient information security can only be achieved through taking into account even the smallest details in development.

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