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By investing in digital services, Terveystalo became the market leader in healthcare

Terveystalo is Finland's largest healthcare company. The company provides primary healthcare and specialist care services to corporate, private, and public sector clients. Tietotalo is Terveystalo's long-term digital services development partner.

The ease and speed of service drives consumer choice

Terveystalo's systematic investment in the development of its digital services has improved its customer experience, strengthened the company's market position, and made Terveystalo a leader in its field. Customers more often than not expect ease of use, speed, and real-time availability in digital services - and it is precisely these requirements that we have fulfilled for Terveystalo through continuous development.

Customers increasingly want to handle all their transactions online. Indeed, digital service channels are increasingly the only contact and communication points in service processes. Terveystalo's service processes, which have been digitized in a determined and long-term manner, have also moved in this direction.

Tietotalo has been developing Terveystalo's digital services for almost ten years. We have designed and developed several service channels and an ecosystem of micro-services and interfaces for Terveystalo, which will streamline the customer service experience and the work of Terveystalo's experts. The solutions we developed serve customers in a multi-channel, real-time, and personalized way.

  • 10 years of close partnership
  • Dedicated development team
  • Continuous development
  • Service design and user experience (UX) design
  • Cloud Services + DevOps
Terveystalon OmaTerveys-palvelusta personoituu käyttäjän kiinnostuksen kohteiden mukaan

OmaTerveys provides health information in one place and direct contact with experts

Customers today expect to receive service just when and where their need arises. Terveystalo's OmaTerveys fulfills this need.

Tietotalo has designed and developed the OmaTerveys service for Terveystalo, where customers can easily find information related to their own health status and service descriptions. You can log on to the service via means of strong authentication using your Online banking codes or your mobile certificate. Parents can link their own profile to their child’s, after which they can handle matters on behalf of their child.

A key part of the OmaTerveys service is its chat services. Chat services are available to private and occupational health clients 24 hours a day. As a customer, you can get in touch with your doctor when it suits you best, and that way you don’t need to wait for a doctor to call you back or queue for an appointment, for example. Terveystalo’s experts respond quickly and payment for the service also takes place electronically, if you have activated the OmaTerveys mobile payment service.

The OmaTerveys Message a Specialist service allows occupational healthcare customers to be in immediate contact with their own occupational health team by message anywhere, anytime. The messaging function streamlines contact when the matter is non-urgent, such as reviewing test results, counseling on vaccinations, or renewing a prescription. The Message a Specialist service compliments Terveystalo's versatile remote services that are independent of time and place.

  • Patient information system integration
  • Episerver content management system customization
  • Remote services and message a specialist
  • Multichannel communication and permissions
  • Strong authentication and security

Hassle-free online appointment booking is the cornerstone of digital healthcare services

Making an appointment online is a key component of a healthcare customer's service path and referral to treatment. Keeping this in mind, we renewed Terveystalo's online appointment booking system to make it even more user-friendly and intelligent.

Transparency, data protection, and reliability are all important factors for healthcare services. In a transactional situation, as a customer, you may be exhausted by illness or you may associate feelings of fear or shame with visiting a healthcare professional. For these reasons, the system must be particularly clear, trustworthy, and guide the customer smoothly along their service path.

  • Design and implementation of the logic layer of the appointment platform
  • Deploying and configuring the Azure cloud platform
  • User interface programming

Terveytalon uudistettu ajanvaraus on responsiivinen ja tarjoaa myös etävastaanoton palveluita

Photo caption: Terveystalo's renewed online appointment booking system is easy to use and responsive. Remote services are now also on offer.

Tietotalo's business logic drives the web service and mobile application

Tietotalo designed and implemented Terveystalo's online appointment booking system and related interfaces. The background service handles the healthcare system’s services and available appointments as well as the specialists’ information, serving them through the software’s interface onwards to the online appointment service and the mobile app. The background system also handles the specialists’ information, which is enriched with the healthcare professionals’ own descriptions and price lists.

The online appointment booking system is run and monitored on the Microsoft Azure cloud service. The solution enables intelligent scaling of capacity and the use of proactive analytics to find and resolve potential error situations even before they are realized.

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