Digital services for heavy use

Tietotalo has years of experience in designing and implementing demanding digital services. Our services cover all stages of software development, from design to continuous development.


Our design team brings order to chaos and clarity to complex problems. Our experts design and visualise memorable, accessible and usable digital services.

Service Design

Our service designers are experts in modelling business oriented digital services. Your organization can take advantage of and continuously improve new digital opportunities under their guidance.

UX Design

Our mission is to make the online services as user-friendly and accessible as possible. We are continuously analysing and refining the user experience and building prototypes that can be tested quickly.

Visual Design

Our creatives desdign the identity and spirit of your digital service. We design impressive web services that are accessible, easy to use, and intuitive at the same time.


The key to a successful user experience is end-user research. We conduct user tests with wireframes, interactive prototypes and the end product in order to perfect the design and reach the goals.

Software Development

We develop high quality digital services with state-of-the-art technology. Our strength lies in our extensive expertise of planning and building demanding solutions.

Technical Planning

A functional and scalable architecture is the backbone of software development. Our architects evaluate technical options with respect to the functionalities of your existing systems and the possibilities of new technological solutions.

Web Services

We develop websites, e-commerce, customer portals and other web services with agile methods on moderns platforms. We build our solutions on platforms such as Episerver CMS, Wordpress, Prismic and our own platform called InfoWeb.

Mobile Applications

We develop mobile applications and progressive web apps that are easy to use. We are experienced in developing mobile apps with extensive needs for personalised communication and context-aware micro location.


Intelligent integrations are the core of digitalization. Our integration solutions help you streamline your business by automating processes and make use of the full potential of your organisation's data.

Continuous Development

We deliver continuously and automate workflows. Intelligent, integrated and automated processes make continuous development cost-effective, agile and fast. We build quality and reliability by implementing industry standards and best practices.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery means short and cost-effective development cycles to improve your digital services. This is reached by automating the key application development processes and cloud based services (DevOps).


Testing is in the core of our quality assurance process. We carry out continuous automated testing as part of our ongoing development.


We monitor your services to ensures that everything works properly. Intelligent automated monitoring can proactively tricker alarms and make required changes to the application environment in order to avoid actual failure situations.

Technical Support

Our support team helps you with any technical issues and assists service administrators when needed. If necessary, we can also offer extended support hours.

Consultation Services

We help our clients to succeed online with consultation, marketing, content and training services.


Our experts guide your organization in developing succesful online business. We can help you to select right platforms, guide you to successful online business or carry out a research to support your decision making. We have specific expertise in tourism, health care, education and public sector.

Digital Marketing

We are a certified Sharpspring marketing automation agency. We can offer the platform, onboarding of your team, required integrations and daily assistance in everyday marketing efforts.

Content Services

An excellent web service requires valuable content. Our specialist can help you to plan and create meaningful, accessible and engaging content.


We make sure your team has up-to-date know-how to use our solutions effectively and understand the principles of digital marketing and content including search engine optimization and accessibility.