Digital services for heavy use

Tietotalo has years of experience in designing and implementing demanding digital services. Our services cover all stages of software development, from design to continuous development.


Our design team brings order to chaos and clarity to complex entities. Our experts design and realize visually memorable and user-friendly digital services.

Service Design

Our service designers serve as experts and a resource for your digital business. We support your organization to take advantage of new online business opportunities.

UX Design

Our task is to make your services as easy to use and approachable as possible. We hone the user experience and build prototypes that are quickly tested.

Visual Design

Graphic design creates an identity and spirit for your service. We design eye-catching and memorable online services that are at the same time accessible, easy to use, and intuitive.

User surveys

A key factor in a successful user experience is research conducted on end-users of the service. We always perform user tests to guide the implementation, using methods that are suitable for each project.

Application Development

We develop high-quality and business-oriented digital services by utilizing up-to-date technologies. Our strength lies in our extensive expertise in developing demanding solutions.

Technical design

A viable architectural design is the backbone of application development. We evaluate different implementation options within the limitations of existing systems and the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Online services

Implementing customer-oriented services requires deep technological expertise and an understanding of the customer experience. We implement websites, web stores, and other digital services using agile methods and suitable platforms.

Mobile applications

We develop high-quality mobile and web apps for our customers' business needs. Our mobile solutions combine ease of use, intelligent integrations, and smooth maintenance.


Smart integrations are at the heart of digitalization. With our integration solutions, you increase the efficiency of your company's operations by automating production processes and enabling the intelligent use and enrichment of your organization's data.

Continuous Services

We take care of your services throughout their life cycle. We ensure quality and delivery reliability by automating the processes related to service development so that continuous development can be implemented agilely and cost-effectively.

Continuous application development

We enable functional continuous development of the solutions we deliver by automating key application development processes and cloud platforms following common DevOps practices.


We implement continuous automation testing as part of our ongoing services. Testing is part of our quality assurance, which guarantees that your service works according to the set requirements, even in a fast release cycle.


Automated monitoring of your service guarantees its functionality and a quick response to any possible faults. Intelligent monitoring implements any changes to the application environment proactively, thus avoiding actual fault situations.

Technical support

Our support service fixes technical errors and assists service administrators in day-to-day problems.

Expert Services

We further support our customers' online success with our expert, marketing, content, and training services.


Our experts consult with organizations extensively in the development of their online businesses. Our specific industry expertise relates to the tourism, healthcare, education, and public services sectors.

Digital marketing

We are SharpSpring marketing automation platform’s partner agency in Finland. Our team helps with the implementation, integration, and day-to-day marketing operations of SharpSpring.

Content production

An excellent online service requires exceptional content. Our content production and digital marketing professionals, who are well acquainted with your online services, will support your team in various content production challenges, such as accessibility.


We train your team’s key players to make effective use of our solutions and to understand the principles of search engine optimization and accessibility as part of online content.

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