Our services

Digital services made to last

Over 2 million Finns use digital services developed by us so we jnow how to make services that stand changing times and business environments.

Intelligent business solutions

Our core skill is forming demanding service solutions which tie together your business goals and the customer’s needs.

Better customer contacts - online and mobile

We help our clients use customer data in developing their customer contacts in digital channels.

Mobile applications that increase sales

Our mobile solutions enable you to identify our loyal customers, increase average purchases and activate additional sales.

Content management service- content management with skill and control

A first rate web service needs first rate content. Even well-made and planned websites and services fail if the actual content and images aren’t thought through and don’t support your business goals. Our content management service is there to help when your own resources aren’t enough or available or your pressed for time.

Consept design – let’s plan a service together that your customers will love

Designing a digital service is based on creative problem solving, gathering data and bold experiments. The end result is a service that draws the attention and commits your customers to your website.

Mobile services – mobile solutions that make a difference

We help our clients build mobile services that combine high quality usability and efficient tech solutions.

  • "Tietotalo stood out from the start with their tender which focused on developing our business instead of filling space with technical jargon."

    Irma Kuukasjärvi / Lappset, Group Communications Manager

  • "It's really important to put effort in communication during the project and see it as a cuontinuing process. In this project, our interactions were seamless and frequent throughout the project. It has a great impact on the end result of the project in which we all are very satisfied. The cooperation between teams worked excellently. "

    Irma Kuukasjärvi / Lappset, Group Communications Manager

  • "Working with Tietotalo went well. They developed versatile functionalities in Episerver, to meet our demands and wishes. With these solutions, we were able to integrate our web shop into the web site, providing a fluent user experience. "

    Janica Soppela / Web manager, Holiday club Resorts

  • "We'd already worked with Tietotalo in developing our web shop, so it felt natural to continue the cooperation when renewing our website. At the same time, we were able to integrate the web site and shop as a whole. The advanced options on offer in Episerver, also had in impact on our choice."

    Janica Soppela / Web manager, Holiday Club Resorts

  • "For years we’ve invested seriously in developing our digital services to improve the availability of our healthcare services. By combining high quality and genuinely interesting content and personal health data, we want to motivate our clients to make good health decisions every day. Largely thanks to Tietotalo, we can make this happen."

    Sanna Huttunen / Program Director, Electronic Services at Suomen Terveystalo Oy

  • "Constantly improving customer experiences, long term cooperation in developing digital services with Tietotalo and a strong will to be a leader in these services, are key elements of being a forerunner on the digital front."

    Sanna Huttunen / Program Director, Electronic Services at Suomen Terveystalo Oy

Customer oriented health services

Developing customer oriented health services requires a deep knowledge and experience of both technological aspects and client experiences. All health related data services are governed by the demand for high data security and patient confidentiality.

Putting the traveller first

Making it in the international the travel industry requires efforts made in digital channels and tools. We have years of experience and a wide knowledgebase of the travel industry as well as digitalizing services.

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