Customer case / Lappset Group Oy

Thanks to a close partnership model, results and cost-efficiency were achieved

Lappset Group Oy, a manufacturer of playground equipment from Rovaniemi, is a long-term customer of Tietotalo. Tietotalo is Lappset’s digital service development partner. In close cooperation, we develop the group's online services and support their digital marketing with content and expert services.

Business understanding and a continuous service model for results

We have been able to follow Lappset’s growth and internationalization closely, and address the changing digital business and marketing needs in across different markets. This long-term partnership has given us a strong understanding of Lappset’s business objectives, while at the same time allowing us to develop an excellent model of continuous improvement. A shared understanding of goals and collaborative teams work effectively to quickly address the challenges ahead in an ever-changing environment. The cornerstones of our service model are nominated experts, direct contact with Tietotalo's experts, and regular multi-disciplinary meetings.

When working on large development projects, we always form smaller, customized project teams with Lappset. Projects are conducted utilizing agile methods in iterative cycles, and key people in charge of each service are invited to participate in the project teams. This operating model enables effective project management, work prioritization, and the controlled integration of project deliverables into a continuous service.

A key component of continuous services is Tietotalo's Support Service, which helps and supports Lappset's experts with any technical problems related to the use of their online services.


A scalable platform for a growingly international company

Lappset chose Tietotalo's InfoWeb system as the basis for their online services. InfoWeb is a multi-domain platform, enabling all of the group’s sites to be run in the same environment and managed with the same tools. Because the platform is modular and the content is category-based, the same formatting and content can be utilized on different sites cost-effectively. Multilingual support allows content to be translated and published in the same format for each language version.

 Due to its layout themes, the content management system enables the management of different online services in the same environment. Versatile default tools and customized content components provide Lappset’s marketing communications professionals with ample opportunities to create different types of pages and site modules. It is thanks to the modularity of this platform that content providers can solve various communication and service needs largely independently without needing a technical partner.

Together with Tietotalo, Lappset has developed electronic transaction services, which mainly include a product search function and a separate spare parts search function, as well as the related ordering processes. Integration of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been implemented in Lappset’s online service, enabling searches of all Lappset products and spare parts. You can compare products, add the desired products and spare parts to your shopping cart, place an order or send a request for a quote. You can also search for spare parts with the artificial intelligence function based on image recognition. By taking and uploading a photo of a broken piece of playground equipment, the system will use AI to identify the product and display replacement parts directly related to that piece of playground equipment. We have written more about the development of our spare parts search in a separate article. We have written more about the development of our spare parts search in a separate article.

Key facts about our customers

10+ years of partnership as the developer of Lappset's digital services

20+ online services maintained on the Tietotalo platform in several different markets

Continuous development Online services and the use of our marketing automation platform are supported and developed as a continuous service

Marketing automation enables smart campaigns and timely communication

Lappset selected SharpSpring’s marketing automation platform. Tietotalo is Sharpspring's partner in Finland and handled its implementation with Lappset's marketing team. SharpSpring is versatile in terms of its features and, as a market challenger, a low-cost digital marketing platform. The platform has been integrated into Lappset's online services and CRM system. The platform enables real-time communication and intelligent targeting of messages by email, landing pages, and actual online services.

Tietotalo's certified experts support Lappset's marketing team in using the SharpSpring platform and provide support in problem situations. This service model is based on regular monthly meetings and direct contact with Tietotalo's nominated experts.

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