August 19th 2021 at 10

Webinar: Digital healthcare 2025 – Better care, greater efficiency

In which direction should digital healthcare services be developed? How could the public side take advantage of the mindset familiar from the private side? What should be considered when choosing a digital partner?

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What it is about?

This webinar brings together three visionaries of digital healthcare. During the webinar, panelists will explore how technology can support patient’s care pathway and how healthcare leaders can prepare their organizations for digital transformation.

This webinar will help you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of digital transformation in healthcare
  • Learn how you can leverage technology to streamline the care pathway, improve the customer experience, reduce costs, and save time 

The duration of the webinar is ~75 min.


The webinar is organised in co-operation between Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, BGO Health and Tietotalo.

  • Project Director Jaana Sinipuro, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra 
  • CEO Ivan Lekushev, BGO Health
  • CEO Mika Pitkämäki, Tietotalo


It’s getting personal – Importance of trust in the digital age

Rachel Botsman has said that “Money is the currency of transaction, trust is the currency of interaction”. Digitalization is a must. How do we ensure that we have rich data available for creation of new digital services and can digital handshake ever create value similar to physical handshake?

Jaana Sinipuro is a Project Director at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. Sitra is “a think, do and connect tank” that collaborates with partners from different sectors to trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. The basis of Sitra’s work is a vision of Finland as a pioneer of sustainable well-being.

Jaana is an experienced ICT and management professional. She believes that the successful digital services of the future will be based on trust and create value for everyone. The Fair Data Economy project aims to set up European-level rules and guidelines for the economy where services and data-based products are created in an ethical manner. Fairness in the data economy means that the rights of individuals are protected, and the needs of all stakeholders are taken into account. Prior to IHAN®, she managed an extensive Digital Health HUB project creating a new operating model for a one-stop shop (“Findata”) for collecting and distributing well-being data.

Before joining Sitra, Jaana worked as a Senior Advisor at SAS Institute, a business analytics company. She is a certified Enterprise Architect with over 20 years of experience within data, analytics and knowledge management.

Jaana is a dialogue-loving doer, dog-owner and loves horses, her garden and boating around her 130-year-old wooden house in the Finnish Archipelago

In Twitter you'll find her and her projects @jsinipuro #fairdata #isaacus #IHAN @sitrafund

Ivan Lekushev

Unless you are focusing 100% on your end users, you are developing your product the wrong way!

In the last years, health service providers are pushed to their boundaries to digitalize services and processes as fast as possible. The new-age customers’ needs and demand for better care and improved patient outcomes require efficient implementation of technology solutions. In this talk, Ivan Lekushev, CEO of BGO Software will show why your approach to building digital health software is wrong. What are the new best practices and standards and how to ensure you develop solutions, which will increase the company value and will be adopted fast by the market?

Ivan Lekushev is the CEO and mastermind behind one of the leading European digital health companies – BGO Software. As a CEO of the company, he works closely with leading global pharmaceutical and clinical research enterprises, as well as health tech companies and has deep understanding of the market needs and regulatory landscape.

For the last decade, Ivan and his team are focused on helping health service providers to design, develop and implement impactful digital health technologies, which deliver value and better patient care. BGO Software’s mission is to pave the way to modern healthcare and enable health organizations to better manage the transition to digital health through technological innovation.

MikaP.pngThe healthcare operators need a strong overarching digital vision

Tietotalo has been at the forefront of the digital development of Finnish healthcare for more than a decade. During that time, the company has implemented countless digital services that enable its customers' customer service to be multi-channel, real-time and personalized. But what could the public sector learn from the private healthcare operators, and what things should one pay attention to when creating a digital strategy?

Tietotalo's CEO Mika Pitkämäki has a long and impressive career within the ICT sector. A true visionary in the development of health and travel industries, municipalities, and the SME sector, Pitkämäki believes in continuous agile development. He emphasizes the importance of honing the value chain and customer experience, and thinks that in the end, the winners are those who are always open to change. In his free time, Pitkämäki relaxes in nature. The desire for adventure has taken him to the highest peaks in the world as well as to the seat of a commercial pilot.

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