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Revolutionizing Travel with Destination Direct Search: A Game-Changer for Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs)

Bringing All Accommodation and Activity Services Under One Roof. Destination Direct Search is an innovative search engine for tourism that revolutionizes the way travelers find accommodation and activity services on the DMO’s website.

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Bring all regional offerings together and bypass OTA channels

Destination Direct Search is an innovative search engine for tourism that revolutionizes the way travelers find accommodation and activity services on the DMO’s website. By centralizing all services of a destination into one smart search it eliminates the high fees associated with OTA channels such as and

Our solution collects accommodation product data, availability, and prices from the most common Property Management Systems (PMS) and builds a unified, easy-to-use search experience based on data collected from multiple sources.

Centralized Search Platform for Local Accomodation and Activities

Direct Bookings Bypassing OTA Channels

Real-Time Availability and Prices

Own Your Customer Data

Comprehensive Analytics

Quick Customization and Deployment

Boost Profits and Enhance User Satisfaction with Centralized Regional Tourism Search

Developed for Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) Destination Direct Search enhances the accommodation and activity search experience. It allows users to search for accommodation and activities in one place and book directly on local partners' websites via the DMO’s platform.

A destination's website becomes a natural go-to information hub and a comprehensive place to browse all regional accommodation options and activities, rather than navigating through multiple OTA channels. This improves the user experience, allowing consumers to transition seamlessly from the dreaming phase to making a purchase decision. The convenience of having all options in one place means users can quickly find what they're looking for, view availability in real-time, and book directly, ensuring a smooth and satisfying journey from search to reservation.

For regional businesses, this centralized accommodation and activity search provides significant benefits. By bypassing expensive OTA channels, they can maintain higher profit margins. Additionally, the valuable data generated from the service – such as self-owned customer data, usage metrics and search criteria – empowers these businesses to refine their offerings and improve their services. This data-driven approach enhances the vitality of the local economy by helping businesses understand and meet the needs of their customers more effectively.

This centralized platform is particularly beneficial for the DMO, which is responsible for the development of the entire region. The DMO gains comprehensive insights into the performance of the local tourism market, enabling more informed decision-making and strategic planning. By promoting direct bookings, the DMO can boost the local economy by keeping more revenue within the region. This creates a thriving tourism environment, attracting more visitors and encouraging repeat business.

The Destination Direct Search platform offers a superior search experience for travelers, higher profitability for local businesses, and strategic advantages for DMOs. By consolidating all regional offerings into one user-friendly platform, it ensures that everyone – from consumers to service providers – benefits from a more efficient, data-driven, and cooperative tourism ecosystem.

The Finnish ski resort Vuokatti has increased direct sales of the destination by utilizing the Destination Direct Search platform on the DMO's online service.

The Finnish ski resort Vuokatti has increased direct sales by utilizing the Destination Direct Search platform integrated into the DMO's online service,

Retain Ownership of Your Customer Data and Maximize Business Benefits

One of the critical advantages of our solution is that it allows entrepreneurs to retain ownership of their customer data rather than handing it over to OTA channels. By keeping customer information within their control, businesses can build and nurture direct relationships with their clients. This direct engagement enables personalized marketing efforts, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

Moreover, having access to detailed customer data empowers entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior. This information can be leveraged to tailor services, create targeted promotions, and enhance the overall customer experience. By bypassing OTA channels, businesses not only avoid high commission fees but also secure their competitive edge by utilizing their data to drive growth and profitability.

Quick Deployment and Extensive Integrations

Destination Direct Search offers ready-made integrations and agile extensibility, ensuring quick deployment and wide coverage. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with PMS systems worldwide, thanks to its interface-oriented architecture and dynamic data model. This allows new data sources to connect effortlessly, guaranteeing a smooth implementation.

Whether as a standalone service or embedded into an existing online service using JavaScript, Destination Direct Search is platform-independent and easy to implement.

Comprehensive Analytics for Data-Driven Development

Destination Direct Search provides comprehensive analytics to guide the development of tourism services via seamless Google Analytics integration. DMOs can access data on the number of searches, search criteria, transitions to the PMS reservation pipeline, and matching companies and products. Cross-domain analytics offer insights into the final monetary value of trades generated by the service.

Performance, Stability, and Real-Time Updates

Part of the stable, high-performance Infoweb Content Management System, Destination Direct Search runs in a scalable Microsoft Azure environment. This ensures capacity can be increased during peak times. Product prices and availability are updated in real-time from partners' PMS, preventing outdated listings and guaranteeing accurate information.

The intelligent caching system ensures quick search results, enhancing user satisfaction and reducing manual errors common with traditional OTA channels.

A Valuable Tool for DMOs, Partners and Tourists

Destination Direct Search is more than a technological advance; it's a valuable tool for both DMO’s, partners and tourists in the travel sector. By offering easy, fast, and comprehensive access to a destination's accommodation and activity services, it sets the destination apart from competitors. This platform ensures customers have the best possible search experience while increasing visibility and customer understanding for local partners.

Destination Direct Search: Centralized Data Flow for Enhanced Direct Sales

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