Moominworld mobile app – powered by Liki

This summer the visitors of Moominworld in Naantali Finland can experience the theme park like never before.

The soon to be released Moominworld app will help adults plan the family visit to the park in advance and also enrich the experience during the visit by offering interesting and useful information and fun facts about the attractions. It helps the adults to make the experience even more exciting and memorable for the children.

By using Bluetooth and iBeacons to transmit information about movements and locations, visitors will receive contextual information, offers and exciting storytelling facts at chosen points of the theme park.

  • "As well as offering unique additional information, with the app you can take a fun Moomin selfie which can then be printed out and made into a postcard which you can post from the Moominworlds’ own post office and share with your friends online. "

  • "The memorable Moominworld experience has always been at the top of theme parks in Finland. We’re especially pleased that it is this location that has chosen to be one of the first to offer this combination of the virtual experience and contextual messaging to its’ visitors, "

    Jari Auranen, manager of Digital Services at Tietotalo, the developers of the Liki platform.

Technical information

The app can be used by Moominworld all year round at other events, even when the theme park itself is closed. Currently the app is only available in Finnish, but other languages are supported and it can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android devices in App Store and Google Play in June.

With the Liki solution and with the use of beacons, any physical space can be transformed into a marketing channel. Benefits for app downloaders are special offers, additional info and easier access to services. The app also provides useful data to the provider which can be used in planning marketing strategies and developing services.

App features

  • Cloud based backend for managing application content (Liki CMS)
    • beacon notifications
    • coupons
    • info
  • iBeacon region monitoring and ranging (60 beacons)
  • interactive map helps find locations and attractions that haven’t been visited
  • Push notifications
  • Statistics
    • Notifications
    • Visited places
    • Used coupons
Interested? Get in touch!

Jarno Malaprade


puh +358 40 546 1110

Jari Auranen

Liiketoimintajohtaja, asiakasvastaava matkailu & mobiili

puh +358 40 540 6612

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