Be prepared for future challenges. This autumn our webinars focused on developing digital services from different angles. Our goal is to give companies and their experts the tools and know-how to develop their business in a changing environment.

Browse the material from our autumn webinars from the link below. At the moment webinars are held mostly in Finnish.


The Moominworld mobile app is the go to channel for every parent visiting the island this summer. The app relies heavily on iBeacon technology to brings the theme park attractions to life and to offer content to enrich the visit for the whole famliy.

Personalised contextual messages like discount coupons, info cards, instructions, feedback queries etc. activated by beacons bring your mobile service to the next level. Liki.io – the mobile marketing platform – handles it all. Liki can track your customers and activate them based on their outdoor or in-door location, time and personal interest.

Read more about liki: www.liki.io.

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Pick up a plush toy and see how the store experience changes! This interactive showroom pilot in Rovio's headquarters in Finland showcases how Estimote's nearable stickers and Likki.io platform can be used in making a unqiue shopping experience.

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Tietotalo designed and implemented the renewal of Hotelworld.fi booking engine. The new portal was opened 2014.

Hotelworld.fi is the main reservation channel of the 47 hotels in the Restel chains where you can purchase accommodation, gift cards and campaign offers. The channel also allows you to compare hotel info and reserve suitable accommodation online.

Restel is one of the leading hotel and restaurant businesses in Finland, operating 47 hotels and nearly 260 restaurants. The company employs over 5000 professionals in its international Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn chains as well as in the domestic Cumulus and Rantasipi chains and Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki.


Tietotalo suunnitteli ja toteutti Restelin Hotellimaailma.fi -verkkopalvelun uudististuksen. Uusi verkkopalvelu julkaistiin 2014.

Hotellimaailma.fi on Restel-konsernin 47 hotellin päävarauskanava, josta on ostettavissa hotellimajoitusta, lahjakortteja ja kampanjatarjouksia. Hotellimaailmassa käyttäjän on helppo vertailla hotellien tarjontaa ja varata sopivin majoitusvaihtoehto suoraan verkosta.

Restel Oy on Suomen johtava hotelli- ja ravintola-alan yritys, joka harjoittaa liiketoimintaa 47 hotellilla ja lähes 260 ravintolalla. Yritys työllistää Suomessa yli 5000 hotelli- ja ravintola-alan ammattilaista. Hotellitoimintaa Restel harjoittaa kansainvälisten Crowne Plaza- ja Holiday Inn -ketjujen lisäksi myös kotimaisten Cumulus- ja Rantasipi-ketjujen ja Hotelli Seurahuone Helsingin myötä.

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